10 Reason Why Losing Weight in Summer Season is Easier

Easy to Lose Weight in Summer Season

I have 110 reasons, not to workout. The most common excuses are based on the weather for me. Winters are cold and monsoons are depressing and summers… what are summers then? Summers are pretty hot and humid but they are also ideal to lose weight.

If you wake up before the sun wakes up, you would be in for a pleasant surprise. The weather is ideal, you are not lethargic and once you step out, there is nothing stopping you. Summers are great for the outdoor workout. While thinking about this, I wondered whether I would be able to shed that extra flab I amassed during winters. Going by the theory of ‘It is easy to lose weight in summers’ I would definitely bid farewell to fat this season, it seems. Are you interested in knowing how it is easy to lose weight this season? Put on your reading glasses and delve deeper.

1. Let’s Have Some Water First

Who wants to have a glass of water in warm weather? Instead, we infuse our bodies with many cups of steaming coffees instead. However, in summers, we drink several glasses of water. If your tummy is bloated because of water, drinking more water helps you shed some weight and flatten your belly as well.

Besides, water is one of the well-kept secrets to lose weight. At times, you are thirsty but mistake it for hunger and binge. The rule is whenever you feel hungry between meals you should sip some water to assess the feeling. Chances are that cravings will subside. Water is quite essential to your body. And summers make you drink more of it. Eventually, you feel energized and light as well.

Tip: Carry a water bottle with you whenever you step outdoors.

2. Hunger Takes a Backseat in Summer

Did you realize that in winter you wanted to eat something all the time, while in summers you reach for something to drink? This is because there are fewer hunger pangs in the summer. The reason behind this might be that eating raises the temperature of the body and hence, you are not willing to eat more.

Further, overeating prevents you from drinking water afterward. Hence, you eat less so that you can drink more. There is also another theory that in summers, your body does not require much energy, and hence, you are not willing to eat. When you eat less, the calories consumed are less, and eventually, you shed weight.

Tip: In the summer season, opt for fresh, seasonal, and raw salads instead of calorie-dense foods to stay energized.

3. Spend Less Time in Humid Kitchen

Come summer, I do not like to stand in the front of the stove admiring the food and waiting for it to get cooked. In fact, this season you are more willing to stay away from the hottest and humid place in your house and that is – the kitchen. In fact, you are willing to switch on the kitchen fan and prepare no-cook vegetable salads, fruit custard, sandwiches or similar meals. Heat coaxes you to prepare and eat light meals. When you eat more of uncooked meals, especially for dinner, you lose weight at a faster rate. To shed pounds, the dinner should be finished off two to four hours before bedtime. Further, it should be light. All these boxes are ticked in the summer season. And ultimately, you become a thinner version of yourself.

Tip: Opt for antioxidant-rich foods to meet your weight loss goals

4. Sunny Weather Makes You active

I am not saying that the summer season has the best weather of all. But yes, summers are quite pleasant to be up and about. While other seasons make you lazy most of the time, summers inspire you to explore. Even gym aficionados step out and work outdoors. When you work outside, you feel better and exercise more at times. As the sun smiles quite early in the morning, you do not feel like lying on the bed. Instead, you hit the floor and desire to do something. With days being longer, you are active for the most part of the day. This helps you shed the flab at a faster rate as compared to other seasons.

Tip: Try exercising early in the morning or late evening when the weather is pleasant

5. Summer Makes You into Health Conscious

While cold weathers persuade you to binge, summer makes you a health-conscious being. You start making healthy choices, unknowingly. This is probably because of the ample light that you see in your surroundings. Cold and dark seasons make your mood crabby and you turn towards food to light up your mood. Whereas in summers, food does not light you up but water does. Moreover, it has been proved that people who eat in lighted surroundings make healthier choices.

Tip: When you wish to binge, open the windows, and let the fresh air come in. It might happen that the bingeing mood subsides.

6. When the Sun Grills You, You Grill the Veggies

Summers inspire you to cook outside. Invite your friends, set up a barbecue, and grill the veggies. Grilling means less exposure to oven and stove. Further, grilling also means less oil. This helps shed weight as well. Plus, with grilling, the regular veggies taste quite different. You eat more veggies instead of fried stuff. Grilling also helps retain the nutrients of the food. So, summer invites grills and barbecues and eventually, allows you to meet your fitness goals.

Tip: Choose veggies that are good for weight loss. Take, for instance, carrots, mushrooms, cauliflower, etc.

7. Good Mood Prevents Bingeing

It is all about mood baby. When the mood is good, you do not need people, events, reasons, or calories to pep you up. But when the mood is bad, an ice cream tub makes its way to the innocent belly. Many have a bad habit of bingeing when they are bored. As summers are quite busy, you are always in a cheerful mood. And hence, you are not likely to reach out for a packet of chips, just for the sake of it. As opposed to this, winters are quite dark and some people feel depressed as well. Hence during winters, people tend to eat more calorie-rich foods and eventually put on weight.

Tip: Keep your refrigerator stocked with seasonal produce to control hunger attacks.

8. If You Are a Mommy, You Will Like This

Mothers, especially those of school goers, tend to like the summer season. No points for guessing! Yes, it is summer vacation. With no school homework and activities, the schedule is lighter for mom in such a season. Coupled with other plus points, mothers generally want to make the most of the summer season. While some would want to catch up on sleep, others would wake up early in the morning and burn those stubborn calories away.

Tip: Maintain a journal to not let summer vacation ruin your workout.

9. Workout Without Actually Working Out

Summer season means exploring nature, going on forest trails, trekking, beach walks, playing sports, or just boating around the lake. In this season, you work out without even realizing it. If you are not a sports junkie, then you must be going on shopping and splurging. Even these fun activities require long walks in the mall or checking out the street vendors’ offerings. Summers are all about staying active. You do that unconsciously. When I was young, summer vacations meant playing hopscotch, hide and seek, and other such activities. Sometimes, I play such games with school-going kids even now and return home tired and exhausted. The summer season is best for exercising and at the end of it, you are fit and fine.

Tip: Choose activities that boost your mood and burn some calories as well.

10. Cravings for Buttermilk Invite Weight Loss

If you crave buttermilk in the summer season, then you might be inadvertently losing weight. This is cool, isn’t it (just like the buttermilk). The humble buttermilk is loaded with potassium, vitamins, and of course, calcium. Instead of opting for sugary drinks or calorie-dense snacks, guzzle down a glass of buttermilk. In fact, buttermilk is also beneficial to your body as compared to other dairy products. Team up buttermilk with exercise and you might shed weight quickly.

Tip: Buttermilk is a healthy alternative to fried snacks and not actually helps lose weight.

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What are you waiting for? Brace yourselves for the summer season and set some high fitness goals. Make sure you are not opting for sugar-laden energy drinks and plain water most of the time to stay active.

Do you love summers? We also have an article on natural ways to keep your body and home cool in summers. Yayyy for summers!

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