5 Easy Tricks to Get Rid of Dark Underarms With No Chemicals

get rid of dark underarms

“Why don’t you try this halter-neck tee for the party tonight?”

Asked her friend, handing her a blue floral top. Riya had actually fallen in love with the colour but she denied even trying it. On asking the reason by her friend, she revealed the reason of dark underarms. “Ohh, don’t worry. I will give you the secret to get rid of dark underarms,” said Riya’s friend.

Reasons for Dark Underarms

Before we check for the solutions let’s analyze the reasons for dark underarms. Is it due to hyperpigmentation or an ailment that will require medicines? Find out from the reasons mentioned below. Then, you can move forward to the tricks that will give you beautiful underarms, similar to your friends’.

1. Shaving

It is the topmost cause of dark underarms. Many girls in their adolescence fall prey to razors, due to ease and simplicity. Most of the women too resort to shaving when they are not able to wax. However, shaving just cuts the hair above the skin, making the skin a shade darker. This is due to the hair follicles present just below the skin. Shaving has other disadvantages too. Always opt for waxing.

2. Hyperpigmentation

The excess melanin present in the skin gives underarms a darker shade. If your skin suffers from hyperpigmentation, then you will notice some dark spots appearing on your skin. Consult your dermatologist for medication.

3. Deodorants

You resorted to deodorants as you sweated a lot. However, the issue of sweating is not solved by deodorants. In fact, their use only makes it worse. This is because deodorants are composed of chemicals, which ultimately result in darker underarms. Use natural remedies to solve the issue of sweating.

4. Medical Conditions

There are certain medical conditions that result in darker underarms. Take, for instance, Acanthosis Nigricans wherein dark and thick patches of skin develop on areas around the armpit, groin and even neck. It might be due to several reasons. Even bacterial infections cause excessive sweating and lead to darker underarms. Excessive smoking causes Smoker’s Melanosis that might lead to darker underarms. Other skin problem, melasma too is known for causing dark skin patches on several areas of the skin. In all such cases, visit a doctor, dermatologist or a skin specialist is necessary to find out the exact reason and to undergo proper medication and treatment.

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5 Easy Tips to Remove Dark Underarms

Reasons of Dark UnderarmsHere are some easy and simple tricks to get rid of darker underarms. Go for them, girl. A beautiful halter top is waiting for you out there.

1. Lemon, Lemon and Lemon It is

Lemon is the cure-all of all the dark things in the world – whether it is fat around your belly or dark skin in the armpits. Get going with freshly squeezed lemon by mixing it with some baking soda. Scrub your underarms and remember to wash it off after a couple of minutes. Oh! If you think that once is enough, then remember this simple process needs to be repeated twice a week for best results.

2. Scrub it with Sugar

I had earlier mentioned scrubbing your feet with sugar. Now, I give you another usage to keep your underarms fair and beautiful with this sugar scrub. Mix a little coconut oil with sugar and start scrubbing those dark armpits. It will remove the dead skin cells and give you soft and light-coloured underarms. Remember to remove it. It is easy, right?

3. Potato, Potato

Whatever they say. Will calling it by a different name change the properties? Definitely, it will not. Potato has natural bleaching agents, just like lemon does. When you are out of lemons, opt for potatoes. Slice out a fresh potato and immediately use it to scrub those dark armpits that have been troubling you. Do this for around 5 minutes and rinse it. Repeating this procedure for twice a week will help.

4. Fair with Gram Flour

Mix gram flour with yoghurt and lemon and scrub your underarms with this sticky mixture. Gram flour is known to remove dead skin cells. And when these are cleared, you get shining underarms!!! Alternatively, gram flour can also be mixed with raw milk and applied on the affected armpits.

5. Better with Cucumber

Cucumber helps in treating discolouration of the skin. Slice a cucumber and rub it in your underarms. Let this sit for a couple of minutes or more. Not twice a week, but repeating this procedure twice a day will help you. You can even apply the juice of the cucumber.

So are you ready to flaunt your favourite tees this summer with confidence? You are, right, get rid of dark underarms today.

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