5 Simple Ways to make your House Entrance Inviting – Make a Statement with a Beautiful Main Door

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Simple Ways to Beautify Entryway

When opportunity comes knocking at your door, the entrance should be inviting enough for her to wait, if it’s taking long for you to open the door. Jokes apart, the entrance of your house or the main door should set the right vibes for the guests. A well maintained house entrance will help you attract the right energy.

How often do house entrances make you stop and stare? Not much, right! But, it is easy to make your house entrances inviting. Be it the use of bold and bright colors or the right décor, the porch of your house will be ready to make a huge statement. Here are some simple and easy ways to add oomph to your main door.

“Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest”

#1 Welcome your guests with Entryway Quotes

There is a few minutes time between a guest ringing the doorbell and you opening the door. Grab this opportunity. Make your guests feel welcome with a positive quote on the walls of your entrance. If you have an apartment, the wall just next to the door is perfect for a quote or two. Frame a quote or two and hang on the entrance walls. Alternatively, decal stickers look good too. Easily available online, decal stickers are available in various sizes. Select a quote that brings a smile on the faces of your guests.

“First Impressions are always the last”

#2 Create a lasting impression with Toran

Door Hangings or Toran are hung over the main door. A door hanging consists of different kinds of things like bells, beads, tiny idols, shells or anything and everything one likes. A traditional toran is made out of fabric and adorned with embroidery and patchwork. Choose a bright toran that contrasts with the colour of the house entrance. A toran laden door happily leads your visitors inside. Mull over the style and materials used inside your home to choose the best toran.

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”

#3 Add a green element with plants

Your entrance gets a personality with landscaping. A plant or two at the entryway is a simple way to revamp your front door. An otherwise dull and lifeless porch comes alive with plants. Right plants will cheer you and your guests up while stepping inside. Flowering plants add a charm to the entrance but require extra care and maintenance. If you do not have much time to care for the plants, choose a low-maintenance plant. While choosing one for the entranceway, check whether it’s sunny on the porch or shady all-year round. Select plants that do well in extreme climate and even when you’re away on a trip. Beautify the planters with décor like little figurines, stones, ornaments, etc.

“Unlock the door to personal excellence”

#4 Illuminate your entryway with lights

Elevate your porch to next level with the right kind of lighting. There are two benefits of bright lights on the front porch. It not only adds a touch of glamour but also keeps you safe. Good lighting makes things quite convenient too. With the advent of technology, there are several interesting options available for lights. For instance, motion sensor lights. If you are an old-school like me, rustic lanterns add a different kind of charm to the door. Dome-style hanging lights are perfect for huge foyers. You can also use ceiling sculptures in the foyer that double up as lights. String lights or series of light around the main door and on the plants in the entranceway are perfect to bring in the festive vibes.

“The door to happiness opens outward”

#5 Level up your entryway with a chic Name Plate

A name plate or a number plate is not only a piece of information but it also doubles up as a décor for your entryway. A nameplate is a reflection of your taste and preferences. You can choose a handicraft name plate that is made using wood, clay, bells and the like. It gives a countryside touch to your porch. Or you can opt for a contemporary look with acrylic laser cut or a customized engraved name plate. Else, you can select a glass nameplate that also displays the number of your house.

An all-time favourite metal for nameplate is brass. Achieve a shiny urban look with number plates engraved in brass. And if you are bent towards art, create a DIY nameplate that becomes a conversation starter for your guests. If you are worried about extreme weather conditions, then opt for granite nameplates that are long lasting. While choosing a nameplate, make sure that they are not only graceful but also low maintenance.

Things to keep in mind while taking care of your entryway

  • Ensure that the entranceway is clean and tidy. A well-maintained porch adds on to the beauty of the main door.
  • Guide your guests to your house with a visible name-plate. The number on your door should be clearly marked as well.
  • Place a door-mat on the entrance. It not only creates a good impression on visitors, it even prevents the entry of dirt and bacteria.
  • Trim the entryway plants and maintain them regularly. Ensure that the plants don’t spill onto the door and block the entrance.

“Be an opener of doors”

While working on the interiors of your home this festive season, do take out some time to work on the entranceway as well. A tweak here and an addition there will make a huge difference. Shop online for beautiful home décor and save some time and money as well. Happy festivities to you!

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