6 Things that No one told you about Lasik

Benefits of lasik
things you didn't know about lasik

LASIK has been there for a long time, and it has changed the lives of millions of people. Perhaps you have been considering it but have reservations about lasik side effects. However, applicants often get startled after learning several critical facts throughout their research and procedure. If you wish to know the same, then read on for six Lasik facts that may help you to determine if it is the right time to ditch your contact lenses and glasses forever for good.



Quick & Pain-Free Procedure

Patients don’t understand how quick and painless the procedure is as they are not aware of the surgery procedure. From start to finish, the surgery takes roughly 15 minutes, and the surgeon spends about 3 minutes on each eye. People often get astonished by hearing this. So, doctors often state that patients who come for LASIK eye surgery have a fear of having LASIK side effects as they think that the procedure is done too quickly and will not be beneficial for them.

Fact 2:

Aerospace Technology Involved

Patients are frequently unaware of the technological advancements made since LASIK was initially launched. Likewise, they are not aware of the development the surgery treatment has made with time. Doctors may now utilize it to detect eye movement, treat more extensive eye areas, and cure high-order aberrations, which were previously impossible to repair. People unaware of these realities believe that excessive usage of technology may result in LASIK adverse effects and hence refuse to have the operation. And to make patients rely on the procedure, doctors need to explain to them the effect of the operation and that they can have clearer eyesight with reduced halos and glare.

The used data creates a tailored laser therapy based on the eye’s function. In addition, the eye tracker ensures that the laser is delivered with more precision, guaranteeing that the LASIK eye surgery operation is safe.

Fact 3:

Notice an Immediate Improvement

Patients are frequently surprised by how quickly their eyesight improves. Due to this, they begin to fear the LASIK side effects they may suffer later on due to the quick improvement process.

As a result, doctors or surgeons present during the surgical operation tell patients that the therapy will help them improve their vision in the future, and all they need to do now is look after their eyes. Taking enough rest will allow them to drive themselves to follow-up their next-day appointment on their own.

And to avoid any risks and side effects, patients are restricted from putting on any eye makeup and no touching or rubbing eyes for the first week after surgery.

Fact 4:

Occupational & Recreational Benefits

Many vigorous sports prohibit the use of glasses, and contact might be restricted. As many doctors state, patients who feared getting LASIK side effects have now gained confidence and can enjoy any sports activity. They get astounded by how much they can see when they are not even wearing any contacts or glasses. However, each patient’s life is not the same following the treatment. Thus it varies on whether the patient has followed all the post-operative restrictions or not. 

Fact 5:

Treats Variety of Conditions

Glasses and contacts can be used to conceal evidence of vision loss. The LASIK treatment is to repair vision issues. Patients with myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism fear that LASIK surgery will result in LASIK side effects. While LASIK, be it hyperopia or myopia or any other variety of vision problems, can undergo the treatment based on the patient’s personal or eyes objective.

Fact 6:

Saves money in the Long Run

According to many specialists, some patients calculate the cost of surgical treatment and realize that the money spent on glasses or contacts is less than the cost of surgery. They do not want to have the surgery done because of the many adverse effects they may experience.

However, LASIK is one such treatment procedure, though being a little costly, gives a long-run benefit to every patient. And it involves less cost in comparison to what one has to spend for contacts or spectacles in the long-term.


Although laser vision correction procedures generally produce favourable, unexpected effects, it may vary from person to person. To find out if LASIK is suitable for you, getting an appointment with the doctor is the best option advised.

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