9 Surprising Ways to Maintain Natural Glow on Your Skin After 30

Surprising Ways to Maintain Natural Glow on Your Skin After 30

I remember seeing a television commercial a couple of years ago. It advised women who have crossed thirty years to start applying specific cream to prevent wrinkles at a later stage. And this cream is neither herbal nor cheap. To know more about such creams, I researched and talked to experts. I came to know that these contain certain components that make your skin get used to them. This means that once you apply the cream after crossing thirty, there is no looking back.

When I was young, I was quite intrigued by television commercials – I still am. However, I vaguely remember those high-end beauty products were aimed at women in the age group of 35-40. But, with time, everything is being started early to win the competition. Be it playschool for toddlers, who begin their education as early as 18 months or even threading and waxing, which is getting done by pre-teens. Why everyone is in such a hurry? Are they going to miss a flight? What is the point to catch an early flight to the future, this is something I fail to understand!

If you are really worried about you losing your glow after a specific age, I will definitely recommend you to start early. And by starting early, I do not mean to start applying expensive creams. I mean that you should take care of your skin naturally. Nature has all the answers. If I reveal a secret here – I never resort to creams to take care of my skin. I talk to elderly grandmas on how they take care of their skin. They have quite interesting answers and it really works. For instance, due to winters, the skin on my fingers and palm has become quite dry. I did not what to do. A visit to a dermatologist too did not help. But an old lady asked me to apply a few drops of mustard oil on the belly. She even asked me to keep alternating between oils. The reason for this was that oil applied on belly reaches the required place in our body. The belly knows who needs what in our body and makes sure it gets it. Surprising, isn’t it?

So, how can you keep that youthful glow alive even after 30? Here are some things that you can do…

1. Eat This and Not Apply That

Eating is the most important thing for your skin. Applying lotions, moisturizers, night creams, etc. are good for your skin but at times they are only temporary solutions. For getting that natural glow on your skin, start eating healthy along with moisturizing your skin. A healthy diet will go a long way in ensuring that your skin stays soft and supple. If you have ever read celebrity interviews and their secrets, you might have noticed one thing. They stress on eating well. Even while traveling to foreign countries, they make sure that they do not skip a healthy diet. Yes, you can cheat at times. However, maintaining a routine is a must for a naturally glowing skin. Including proteins and greens in your diet is a must. Eat seasonal produce. Alter your diet depending upon the season and weather. Fresh fruits, vegetable salads, soups, nuts, dairy, whole foods, etc. are very good for your skin and hair.

2. Do Not Forget Hydration

Whether be it summers, winters, or monsoon, do not miss hydration. Water is the main component of healthy skin. If your skin is dry, then probably you are not drinking enough water. However, do not overdo it. There are days when you are not able to bring yourself to drink enough water. On such days, add some fresh fruits in a glass jar. Keep it for 4-5 hours and let the fruits infuse the water. Drink this water for a change. You will feel good. You can even prepare detox drinks. During winter, you can sip warm water at intervals, infused with basil and lemon. Experiment with water and water bottles to keep your skin satiated.

3. Remember Regular Cleansing

Cleaning your face is a must, irrespective of the weather. With rising pollution levels, cleansing is an important routine that cannot be missed. Choose a face wash that suits your skin. Clean your face before going to bed. You cannot go to sleep with a dirty face, always remember that. After cleaning, apply Faces Canada urban balance night cream. Night creams are twice as effective as compared to those applied during the day. They help your skin recover faster.
Also, make sure that you opt for threading or waxing at regular intervals. This keeps your skin clear of unwanted hair. Massage your face with oils that suit your skin type. Give it ample hydration and moisture.

4. Forget Make-up at Times

In fact, I will suggest the use of make-up only sometimes, on special occasions. Make-up products are laden with harmful chemicals that make your skin appear beautiful only for a temporary period. Make-up gradually squeezes your skin of its natural glow, without you realizing it. I had opted for high-end make-up for my sister’s wedding and in spite of that suffered from acne for almost a year. Make-up is not the solution. Let your real skin shine through. You look as beautiful as you are.

5. Home-made Beauty Products

Now, you have an excuse for this that you do not have enough time to prepare such products at home. However, let me tell you that home-made solutions are not only easy to prepare but also good for your skin in the long term. You can search for natural solutions for your skin, hair, and beauty on this site and benefit from it. I resort to only homemade solutions for both my daughter and myself. The results are fabulous. For instance, my toddler was suffering from chapped lips due to winter dryness. I applied mustard oil on her navel regularly for a week. I even applied fresh milk cream on her lips while she was asleep. It did make a difference. Yes, natural remedies do take some time. But, the benefit is that the problems do not re-occur frequently.

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6. Do Not Experiment

I have seen teenage girls and sometimes, even elderly women experimenting with their skin. Yes, experimenting is good till you find an apt solution. However, do not experiment once you find something that works. If you ever find that certain product is not benefitting your skin, do not change it instantly. Some products take time to give you the desired results. And suppose a specific product does not work for you ultimately, discard it immediately. Do not make a museum out of your cupboard by storing half-used beauty products.

7. Sleeping is Good for Your Skin

Just like your body, your skin benefits from sleep. Sleeping helps your skin recuperate and rejuvenate. When you sleep soundly, your skin thanks you for it by shining bright. Have you ever noticed your face after a good night’s sleep? It beams beautifully. I do this, you can try it. Sleeping regularly at the same time and for required hours keeps your skin healthy and free of problems. You need to couple this with a healthy diet.

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8. Exercise Flushes out Toxins

When you exercise regularly, the skin flushes out the toxins from the body. Exercising makes you sweat and thus, the noxious elements present in your body are eliminated automatically. When toxins take a farewell from your body, your skin does not suffer from problems like a breakout. Exercising also urges you to hydrate your system and your skin too benefits out of it.

9. And Lastly, Smile.

Smiling is good for your skin. Instead of wearing costly make-ups, just wear a naturally beautiful smile and you will be one of the good-looking faces in the gathering. When you wake up in the morning, look at the mirror and smile. Utter, “I am the most beautiful person, inside and outside,” and see how your skin shines. Partake in activities that make you feel good. When you are happy, your skin is happy too. Play with the kids, meditate, talk to the elderly, cook up a meal, read a book, or just sit down doing nothing. All these things keep your youth alive. And ultimately your skin is the one that gets the benefit.

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Let’s love our skin and our bodies. Do not get overpowered by the notion of fair complexion and flawless skin. Just think of staying healthy and notice the results. Nothing can take the glow out of your skin without your permission. Smile and your skin smiles with you!

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