An interesting anecdote of the tree of life

The tree of life is etched in my memories since childhood. I might have been 12-13 years of age. I still remember that field trip arranged by our school. There stood a huge tree on a platform. All the children were asked to place both hands on the trunk of the tree and make a wish. I remember standing next to my best friend and muttering something. As my family was going through some financial crunch I made a wish to make us financially stable. I waited for the wish to come true for a long time. I stopped believing in it. However, today, when I look back, the wish did come true. I had asked for a big transformation, and it took place slowly without me realizing it.

The tree of life holds a special place in my life. It inspires me to no end. I have always wished to have a tree of life close to me. It seems so magical – straight out of some fairytale. While there are many connotations to the tree of life, for me it is the giver of life. The branches of the tree seem like a network that we should form with people around us. The tiny leaves inspire me to find little things of joy. And the trunk is like the foundation of values. I picture myself sitting under the tree of life to absorb the knowledge that it has.

As a teenager, I was so obsessed with the tree of life, that I wanted it to make it a part of my life. First, I thought of getting a tree of life painted on the walls of our home. But a painting would not justify it. Then I thought of investing in an edifice. It did not match the other décor in my home. I could not zero in on a perfect piece. And the search continued.

Recently, when I was scouting through the World of EK, I came across this wonderful piece – a tree of life pendant. My happiness knew no bounds. I was eager to wear it. The piece is so elegant that I bought it immediately. The best thing about this pendant is that it is perfectly sized – not too big, nor too small. I can flaunt it with both western and ethnic outfits.

Do you have that urge – of hovering around different sections of a shopping website? Just like we check out alleys in a store, I check out different things offered by a brand while shopping online. And I did not stop shopping at the tree of life pendant, I must say. There were too many beautiful pieces on the site that I wanted to own instantly.

I believe in The Lotus Sutra. Lotus is a symbol of strength to me. The lotus rises from the mud, yet remains unaffected by the muck. It symbolizes purity and beauty. When we have our beliefs in the form of symbols around us, we are constantly reminded to stay on the path. I wished to have a symbol of a lotus with me. While scouting the site, my eyes stuck on a beautiful pair of lotus studs I was wondering how I can find two of my favourite things on one single site. But I guess that this is how it is. Some things are just meant to be.

Generally, when I shop online, I get lost in the different sections of the website. But this was not the case with the World of EK. Every category is clearly mentioned and it is possible to hop from one category to the other easily. I even liked the way charms are categorized. I could buy based on the type of charm I want to buy or the kind of jewellery that I am looking for, making it super convenient for me.

I really loved shopping at the World of EK. The site has a beautiful collection curated by the diva herself. There is so much to shop here at the site, be it bed sheets, dohars, jewelry, and meticulously crafted home décor. As I am fond of coffee, I even bought contemporary ceramic mugs that go well with my kitchen interiors. I had bought three different things from different sections on the same day. I thought that I will get the items delivered one after the other. But to my surprise, all three were delivered on the same day, without any kind of inconvenience.

When we shop online, the biggest issue that we face is trust. When I came to know that this collection is by Ekta Kapoor, I was elated. I really love her sense of fashion and style. She is a mystery and I love that about her. Besides her magnificent collection, what I loved about World of EK shopping is that I did not have to go through long formalities to shop at the site. I just punched in my address and phone number and voila, I got a message mentioning the date when it will arrive.  And yes, it arrived on the same day that was mentioned, just a day before my birthday. It really made my birthday special.

Shopping makes me feel good about myself. When the products arrived, I was very excited to un-box them. They came in big cardboard boxes, safely tucked inside mini boxes. The statement jewellery comes with a guarantee card. I really loved all the bubble wrap and messages on the box. A big wonderful experience is made up of tiny ones that make you feel special at every step.


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