Are electric toothbrushes better than manual ones?

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If I ask this question my 8-year-old, she would definitely say no. You might think that she loves brushing her teeth manually. My answer is that she doesn’t love brushing her teeth at all. I think the percentage of kids who love brushing their teeth is much low; as none of the kids around me is bent on brushing his or her teeth every night and each morning.

While we are still struggling with whether brushing is good for the teeth or not (obviously, it is) we have been bombarded with the idea of brushing our teeth with advanced technology. Experts feel that our hands do not know how much pressure is required for brushing our teeth, so we have a smart toothbrush that does that for us.

So, are electric toothbrushes all about the pressure while brushing? No, they are not. Let’s delve deeper into the mouth, I mean the world of electric toothbrushes.

What’s an electric toothbrush?
Electric toothbrushes use motors to brush your teeth. They are designed to make rapid bristle motions automatically. The objective of an electric toothbrush is to clean your teeth effectively, and in a scientifically correct manner. Electric toothbrushes come with a range of features like an automatic timer, many hours of brushing without the need for charging, etc. They offer:

Features of electric toothbrush
Certainly, the electric toothbrush has revolutionized the way people brush their teeth. The brush has in-built features that make it superior to manual ones.

Thoughtfully Designed – Electric toothbrushes come with advanced features that take your brushing a step higher.

Motions – Some toothbrushes like At Day Break Buzz work at a pace of 300 motions per minute. It delivers up to 28,000 powerful vibrations that eliminate 5x more plaque and enamel stains.

Portable – Electric toothbrushes can be carried anywhere and everywhere, just like your manual toothbrushes

Waterproof – In spite of a built-in motor, electric toothbrushes are waterproof and can be even used while having a shower

Smart Modes – Electric toothbrushes come with smart modes that help ease you into the sonic brushing experience

Batteries – Electric toothbrushes are powered by batteries and offer a long battery life of more than 150 days. The batteries can be replaced as well.

Why use electric toothbrushes?
1. Reliability – The thing that sets apart an electric toothbrush from a manual one is that it can produce thousands of strokes every minute. This helps remove settled plaque from the teeth. Manual toothbrushes do not have the ability to work as fast as electric ones.

2. Advanced features: You might not brush for 2 minutes daily. While some days you brush for around 3 minutes, thinking about the day, or just brush for a minute, in a hurry to get on with work. To save such loopholes, electric toothbrushes come with timers. These even have built-in features like pressure sensors that aid correct technique of brushing. Electric toothbrushes are a boon for people with sensitive gums.

3. Simplicity: Yes, nothing can be as simple as manual toothbrushes. However, electric toothbrushes are not complicated either. In addition, people with limited hand mobility like those with arthritis and developmental disabilities find electric toothbrushes a great thing for their oral health.

4. Focused Brushing: Manual brushing is repetitive. People tend to forget that they are brushing and their mind wavers off to some other thing. In contrast, electric toothbrushes improve the focus of users on brushing their teeth. As a result, teeth are cleaner and brighter.
5. Environmental Health – Electric toothbrushes lessen the burden on Mother Earth. There is a less plastic waste as electric toothbrushes need not require frequent replacements like manual toothbrushes do.

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