Break the monotony: 11 Fun Ways to display books

Fun ways to display books

Books have always been conversation starters for me. Whenever I come across strangers sitting beside me during Metro rides, I ask them about books they have read. It always helps break the ice. Such conversations always end up exchanging the list of books that need to be read. That is how I read ‘Gone with the Wind’, on recommendation by a stranger.

Earlier, I kept all my books stacked up in a cupboard. They were not visible to first-time visitors at our place. This was due to two reasons – one, I did not like dust on my precious books; and second, I did not like non-lovers of books borrowing them only to never return. However, I have changed my strategy.

I have got myself a see-through book cabinet that has all the books neatly stacked up. Each genre has a section and that makes it easier to refer to the books easily. Secondly, I have made a policy of not lending books to people or asking them to return the books within a week.

Whenever we have guests at our home, conversations involve books, thanks to the glassdoor books cabinet. This way, we talk more about books rather than people. Another benefit of the glass door books cabinet is the visibility of books. We have started reading more books as a family as the books invite us from the glass door.

If you do not prefer a glass door cabinet for books, there are other fun ways to display your books at home or office.

1. Get a chair designed where the base has an alcove for books. The chair should be slightly big and comfortable. It makes it easier to get a book and read it on the same chair.

2. Ask your parents or grandparents to give you their old trunks. Paint these trunks into vibrant colours and store books inside. Ah! Such a trunk can be the hero of your interiors.

3. Keep some space for books beside the television unit. This makes it easier to choose books over idiot box for the family members.

4. Books that are not read frequently can be stored in glass cabinets near the ceiling. They are neatly displayed and even easy to find out.

5. If you have a huge living room, create a partition with shelves. Store books in the partition with other knick knacks.

6. If you have an ample amount of space between the furniture, create alcoves with drawers. Use these drawers to store your books. The baskets can be wooden or bamboo, depending on the theme of your interiors.

7. If yours is a duplex, then the space below the stairs can be converted into bookshelves. This helps double up the functionality of the space.

8. Transform the headboard of your bed into miniature bookshelves. Store only those books that you and your family prefer reading during bedtime.

9. The space behind the open door of your living room can double up as bookshelves. This will be visible only when you close the door, making it an interesting concept.

10. Invest in a revolving bookshelf. Display this bookshelf in your living room or study, as the space permits.

11. Invest in bookends. They not only look pretty but also are quite functional. I bought a Wooden Engraved & Carved Tree Of Life Book End, carved out of Sheesham wood. This bookend disciplined my books that are strewn around the house, while they are being read.

Ways to display the books
1. Books can be arranged in alphabetical order to source them easily when required.
They can even be categorised based on genre – fiction, non-fiction, encyclopedias, etc.
2. Books can even be grouped based on their colours. This adds a touch of vibrancy to the home or office
3. The easiest way to arrange books is to categorize them based on their sizes. This keeps them away from falling.

How to take care of book displays
1. Make a routine to dust the book displays and the contents regularly.
2. After the monsoon, books need to be kept in the sun for some time to prevent the build-up of mould.
3. Avoid reading books while drinking beverages or eating. This helps prevents accidents.

The last word
Books amp up the home in more ways than one. They not only add value to the home but also wisdom. When the books are displayed neatly, you would be more inspired to read them. They say books are the road to knowledge. Let’s take care of our books and attain the knowledge that lies behind the pages.

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