How to Celebrate Diwali in the Year 2021 – Give a Twist to the Regular Celebrations

How to celebrate Diwali 2021

Diwali, the most awaited festival for Indians, is just around the corner. It’s, hands down, the King of Festivals. And why not, the positivity, happiness and warmth it brings along with it, remain simply unmatched.

Last year, Diwali was a lot different than usual, considering the pandemic. We all were mostly confined to our homes. Due to this, the celebrations did not witness as much enthusiasm for obvious reasons.

Though the situation at present seems a lot better, let’s not forget that it is still prevalent. In spite of all the misery that Covid-19 gave us, it did give us a window to look at things from a different perspective. It’s high time we need to bring about certain changes in our ways of celebrating this festive occasion by being just a little bit responsible without missing out on the fun.

Curious to know how? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Invest in Kindness, Bring in Happiness

Let’s admit! We all have stuff lying around in our house that we don’t end up using, be it that clothing piece in your wardrobe or toys, books, kitchenware or anything else. So why not give it to the underprivileged, who might need it more than we do. Just one simple act of kindness can bring a million-dollar smile to someone’s face that will definitely melt your heart. Alternatively, you may also visit an orphanage or an old age home and spend time with them. Just spread happiness as the world today is already low on the happiness quotient.

Cleanliness is Godliness

We all have seen our mothers stressing over the mandatory house cleaning ritual. How about relieving them of this stress by helping them and sharing their workload! Lend your helping hand and aid her with cleaning and organising your house. Just to give a little motivation, let me tell you that cleaning can be therapeutic.

Go back to the Good-old Festive Decor

Ditch those plastic lights and illuminate your house with earthen or traditional oil lamps that symbolize purity and goodness. As a fun element, indulge in painting diyas with your kids and enhance their beauty. Your choice of opting for diyas can prove helpful to that poor roadside vendor and make him celebrate a Happy Diwali. Your decoration is incomplete without a rangoli which has over time become a mandatory thing. Use flower petals, leaves and everything organic instead of these artificial colours and see how your rangoli stands out. Avoid using rice, flour or any other item of food for that purpose. Don’t forget, millions of people don’t get enough food and go to sleep with an empty stomach.

Let’s pass on a Green Heritage

As they say, “the true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit ’’. This Diwali, take the opportunity and plant a tree. It’s considered as a symbolic act of goodness and what better way to start the year, right? Oh, by the way, plants can be a thoughtful choice for a long-lasting Diwali gift.

It’s time to handcraft the token of love

In the digital age where everything is available at your doorstep with just a click, make an effort to make a handmade or customized gift for your loved ones. It can be anything, a card or a DIY craft. Unleash your creative side and go all out. So, this time when you visit someone, break the monotonous custom of gifting sweets and delight them with your ingeniousness. After all, anything that has a personalized touch to it shall always remain special.

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Do you know about this Fun Alternative to Crackers?

This goes without even saying. Though in many parts of the country, crackers are banned, as a responsible citizen, one must make a conscious effort to do no harm to our environment. The earth has enough problems already, let’s not add up to its agony. And if it’s the noise that excites you, how about having fun bursting balloons with your friends instead. Light up sky lanterns and witness the captivating sight of a sky full of lights. Remember, the money saved by not spending it on crackers can be used for a noble cause.

Diwali needs Care for the Furry Friends

Diwali is one such festival that scares animals because of the loud noises. It’s a stressful and difficult time for them. Our love and care should not just be confined to humans but must extend to our furry friends too. Keep your pet indoors and feed them as well as other stray animals with proper food and water. Make sure that nobody in your surroundings teases the stray animals by bursting crackers near them. Raise your voice against any other act of animal cruelty. It’s best to give them a shelter near your house so that they are not left wandering on the streets, completely helpless.

Lessen the burden on Mother Nature

The festival witnesses a lot of guests pouring in numbers which ultimately means too many dishes to be washed. To counter that, most of us end up using disposable plates and glasses which again is not good for our environment. Opt for biodegradable crockery instead which is environmentally friendly and saves water at the same time.

Remember to have a Gala Time

It’s time to put a pause on your social media and make a switch from the virtual world to the real world and spend that quality time with your family and friends that we all literally crave for. Your Instagram and Facebook can surely wait. Get together and revel in interesting activities such as dumb charades, antakshari or karaoke and let the fun unfold. Dance like crazy, click those selfies and just have a gala time. It’s a great time to re-connect with people we’ve lost touch with. Celebrate the immense joy of this festive season and make memories that shall last for a lifetime.

Amidst all this, don’t forget to pamper yourself. It’s true that you can keep others happy only when you’re happy.

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Have a safe and prosperous Diwali!!


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