iTokri Product Review – My love for Handicraft

iTokri Product Review
Handicraft Toran for Home Decor

Handicraft items are pure love. They are crafted with great care by the artisans without the use of machines. Long ago, everything used to be designed and created by hands. However, with the advent of machines, Handicraft had lost its sheen. But, in the world of similar(s), people have started preferring handmade items. The class that the Handicraft items bring is exclusive and rare. If you are looking for Handicraft items, do not get duped by Handicraft items sold by popular online sites. As, most of the sites sell machine-made handicraft lookalikes, making a fool out of people. Instead, come home to iTokri.

One-Stop Handicraft Shop – iTokri

iTokri is a quintessential Indian site offering an amalgamation of Indian Handicraft items from different states. With a huge range of products from different states, iTokri will make you fall in love at first sight. Be it Ikkat, Ajrakh, Bandhani, Phulkari, Applique, Mashru, Madhubani, Chikankari or Manipuri among others. There are several items of wood carving as well. Shop unique products directly sourced from master craftsmen hailing from various parts of the country. The site is a one-stop shop for handcrafted jewelry, accessories, home décor, personal care, fabric, stitched garments and gift items.

Beautiful Door Hangings or Toran

Since we moved into our new home, I have been looking for an elegant handcrafted door hanging. I love the burst of colours on the entrance that the door hangings bring. After getting tired hunting for it on other online sites, I landed on iTokri. This site has a wonderfully curated collection of handmade Torans. After reading about the site and its format, I instantly bought two torans, one for my home and other for parents’ home. This toran has everything that I was looking for in a door hanging – bells, vibrant colours, strong thread and lots of love. The love for the art is reflected in the way it is created by the artisans. I have a rule while shopping – if the product makes you happy on the first sight, it is created with love and care.

Handmade Beadwork Bells Door Decor Toran Hanging

Unboxing of the iTokri Parcel

This requires special mention. Since the time I started shopping online, I observe the packaging of the products that arrive. I really love hand packaged gifts that have special packaging. And that’s what iTokri packaging is all about. As the items are handicraft, they were carefully wrapped in newspaper in a cardboard box. With a customary bill, out popped an eco-friendly pen. I was surprised as I had not ordered it. This pen is an art in itself as it has plantable coriander seeds on the rear end. Surprised, I looked if the box has something else. And it did. There was this beautiful handwritten note, which mentioned that the pen is a gift for first purchase.

Dear Urvashi, (yes, it mentioned my name)

Thank you for visiting our little addu. J We are really excited to have you with us. Here is a little gift for your first purchase!!! Hope you like it.

We would love to hear from you again and have some feedback with love and support. We are adding new crafts daily. Follow us on Instagram and never miss an update. @iTokri

Lots of love


The world has forgotten the art of writing letters, thanks to the internet. But this handwritten note made me all mushy inside. Thank you for so much love, iTokri, for such a wonderful door hanging and a specially packaged delivery!

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